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Transfer of the year – Neymar from Barcelona to PSG.

The transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain has already caused a lot of emotions in the French capital. The transfer of the Brazilian was a real surprise, because it was the first of the summer that the club had not signed a new player.
However, the club did not lose its fans, and the transfer of a player of Neymars’ class can be considered as a success. The player has already scored a lot, and now he is the main star of the team.
In the summer, PSG was in the middle of a number of transfers, which caused a great deal of confusion in the market. The club managed to get a lot from the deals, but also some failures.
Among the failures, there is a great example of it. Neymar was bought for €200 million, which is a lot for a player who is already the best scorer in the world. However, the transfer cost the club only a few million.

The club also had a failure in the transfer market, because they bought Neymar for a higher price, but the player was already a failure. The failure of the transfer was the failure of a transfer that was supposed to be a success, but ended up being a failure for the club.
This is a real failure, because the club has a great number of stars, and it is not easy to find a suitable replacement for a star player. The transfers of the club’s stars have always been a problem, because there is no room for them in the team, and they have to play in different positions.
It is easy to watch the livescore of the matches of the French championship, because you can find it on the website of sports statistics.
PSG’ transfer news and transfers of other teams
The summer transfer campaign of the Parisian club has already shown that it is a serious club, which will try to win the Champions League. The team has a number and a lot to show, and a successful transfer campaign will help the club to achieve its goals.
There is a good chance that the team will be able to get into the Champions league zone. The Parisians have already managed to qualify for the Champions’ League, but they will have to fight for the places in the next stage.
After the qualification to the next round, the Parisians will have a chance to fight in the Champions’ League, because other teams will be stronger. The main contenders for the victory in the competition are:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;

* Manchester City.
These clubs are already considered as strong teams, but it is the Paris club that is considered as the main contender for the title.
You can follow the livescores of the PSG matches on the sports statistics website. Here, you can see the results of the games of the players, as well as the statistics of the game.
Main transfers of PSG
The Parisians are not the only team that has managed to buy a new star. The summer transfer of PS G has shown that the squad of the coach is not weak, and in the near future it will be possible to get the desired results.
One of the main transfers of Parisians was the acquisition of Neyma. The acquisition of the player cost the team only a small amount, and this is a result of the fact that the player is already a great scorer.
Neymar is the leader of the squad, and he is able to decide the fate of the match in a couple of seconds. The star player of the group is also able to make the game of the opponents difficult.
Many fans of the “Yellow Wall” are very happy with the transfer, because now the club will have more room for its stars. The coach is able not only to choose the best players, but he is also allowed to buy new ones.
Now, the team has the following players:
1. Neymer.
2. Mbappe.
3. Di Maria.
4. Cavani.
5. Firmino.
6. Thiago Silva.
7. Thierry Henry.
8. Thauvin.
9. Griezmann.
10. MbT.
11. Busquets.
12. Sane.
13. Mb.
14. Th.
15. Mbola.
16. Thamizy.
17. Sarr.
18. Mbokani.
Now the team is able, thanks to the transfer from Paris, to get more space in the lineup. The players of the new team are able to play together, and that is a positive result for the team’ performance.
All the transfers of Neymer and other transfers of this summer are available on the site of sports data. Here you will find the results and the statistics. You can follow all the transfers, as Neymar is a key player of PS.
EPL fixtures
The EPL fixtures are a good opportunity to follow the progress of the teams. The teams are fighting for the place in the top-4. The top 4 is the best position in the EPL. The last season, the position of the top 4 was occupied by Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

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